Another of my favorite winter activities.

I made yummy deliciousness in the uncomplicated form of chocolate chip cookies.  I only had a half bag of chocolate chips but I had everything else, so I cut the entire recipe in half to match.  A half batch of cookies would be plenty for myself and my husband, that was my plan anyway.  It seems that I made my cookies smaller than average so I still have 24!  I have been diabetic for almost 15 years so I have learned how to bake using Splenda.  *Tip: splenda is sweeter so you won’t need as much.  Also it does not goo like sugar does so even though I use mostly splenda, I add some sugar for a more traditional consistency.*  I am rambling though, so I will just post a picture and let you imagine the smell. Enjoy!


One thought on “Another of my favorite winter activities.

  1. Storybook says:

    Indeed they were yummy deliciousness! Nom nom nom!

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