Happy New Year

Winter is in swing and the wind is here to let you know it. It is usually windy here but during the winter months is when I feel it the most. I have been staying bundled up and baking like mad. I don’t know if anybody has checked out Pinterest.com but I have signed up and can easily spend hours sorting through postings.

I find that I run across a lot of recipes and this is the time of year for me to gather more. It is a bit of a struggle to enjoy some of the recipes as I try to buy as locally as possible.  Yes I still go to chain grocery stores but I aim for local products or produce that is in season. I started this because it saves money.  I find the merchandise is fresher and tastes better too, not to mention the impact it has on so many other industries. Look in to buying locally, it may be something you want to do.

A quick update on that political issue I mentioned last month.  The vote on SOPA was postponed until after the holidays, so now is the time to start talking about this issue again. PIPA was postponed as well but we really need to raise the flag on these and as SOPA gains noteriety, PIPA will as well if only to a lesser extent. 

My sister created a digital button for me! It is beautiful, now I just have to figure out how to post it and what not. I changed my gravatar to the button, however I am not certain it has updated yet. Here’s to learning more about blogging!

Speaking of learning, did anyone else make any resolutions? I resolved to drink more water by having an equal amount of water between tea/soda/coffee or anything else. So far I have been succeding. I also resolved to take a college course (at least 2 by the end of the calendar year) that are educational. I am enrolled in Yoga and while I am ecstatic about that, I don’t believe I can count it as expanding my mind.  I will inevitably come up with more that I would like to do this year as time passes, hopefully I will act upon those particular thoughts as well.

Best of luck to all of you in your endevors.


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