Happy Spring Break – To any of you this means anything to!

It means something to me. It means that I just enjoyed my 7 year wedding anniversary yesterday. 🙂 It means the beginning of Spring.  It means no yoga for a week, which I am not entirely thrilled about. I decided to find my yoga fix elsewhere but have yet to actually get to it. It means getting projects completed at work without students. I like the students, don’t misunderstand, but concentration is divided enough as is. It means spring cleaning.  This year I have two places in my home that are calling to me and storage. Hubby and I are bound and determined to reduce (completly) that storage bill. So spring cleaning begins it. Spring break also means seeing the farmer’s markets open soon and the beginning of buying as locally as I can again. I do have to balance funds against cause so I end up shopping both cheap and responsibly. Not an easy task, as my sister can attest. It means firing up the grill and spending time outside! 😀 Hopefully firing up the chimeneya (sp?) too as the sun sets I freeze. My husband claims I am part lizard… Mostly though it means the time to get motivated and moving and doing again.  I like to nest during the winter, and bake. Spring and summer (before it gets too miserable) are times for me to be social and active.  I go through season cycles just like every other creature on the planet.  Maybe not as much as others but it still happens.


Now that I have waxed eloquently (I think) about what spring means to me. Why don’t you?

Go for it! Spring only comes around once a year!