Projects for spring.

Does everybody spend the winter coming up with ideas for their yard? I do, then when it is still too cold to actually be working outside I go over my ideas and develop them into spring projects. So far in the past 8 years (about) of owning a yard I have managed to complete1. Last spring I got flowers, and pots to plant them in and even planted them! Some survived and are still partially green while others sadly didn’t make it past transplanting. Vines already established (ie in dirt) do very well around me. Things that I start (seeds, clippings and the like) have a more difficult time. With seeds I get so very impatient. I am still unsure if the carrot seeds I planted even took root. My celery was doing very well until my dog ran over it (well slid to a stop through the poor thing) and uprooted it. What I really want is a garden. One of those plots of dirt that have plants thriving in it and actually producing food stuffs for me to eat. I want herbs as well but fear that is beyond my abilities.
I also want to purchase some paving stones for the base of my stairway off my deck, (you can see the picture of the stairs on an earlier blog post about Handrails) since the lowest step is a bit steep for typical height people.
With the same type of paving stone I would like to build a level area for my chimenea and outside chairs in the middle of my back yard.
While I am at it I would also like a close line put up and some sort of roofing over the deck.

That is this years spring project list. Anybody want to donate materials? I can make the time to do it but I have not figured out how to make money appear. None of these things would take a lot of money just enough when my car is in the shop or the house needs something fixed. If anybody has any ideas of where to go for free stuff leave me a comment! I am going to go check as well as Wish me luck. 🙂


Happy Friday the 13th of April! Do a little research, check out how the whole Friday the 13th bad luck came about. Wiki it! I will have a wonderful day today and I hope everyone else does too.

Happy Friday the 13th.  That is all.

Happy Friday the 13th of …

No t.v. trial.

      I have decided! To not watch any t.v. this week.  I have gone 3 days without turning the set on.  I have recorded my shows to watch this weekend but I have found other ways to occupy myself.  This came about as an offhand comment.  I was talking with my husband about our recent vacation and how we only really watched 1 show while we were out of town.  Reflecting on this, I calculated (very roughly) how much I could accomplish if I did not turn on the t.v.  Mind you, I am an avid Bones watcher and it just returned.  I also watch Castle, Being Human, Lost Girl, The Big Bang Theory, GCB and The Finder, with liberal doses of American Dad, Family Guy and Futurama sprinkled all over. As you can see by the extensive list, that’s a lot of time in front of the t.v.; and my house can attest I have been busy instead.
      I have grilled out, eaten dinner with my husband (and actually conversed with him during the meal), vacuumed, cleaned my carpets, done laundry and cleaned our room!  Yes laundry is a constant however I don’t wash the bathroom rugs or the chair cover or various throws on a weekly basis. I try to vacuum weekly but that doesn’t always happen. Oh and I’m blogging! Plus I went to yoga last night and visited with my Grandpa tonight.  I feel very accomplished. /nods. However, I did catch myself trying to figure out a way to get some t.v. in.  I could watch a 30 min show during my lunch break or maybe just one program during the week, that would be good enough right? NO! I will make it 5 full days without watching t.v. and see just how much I can accomplish.

Do you watch t.v.? How much? Is it worth it?

I will do my best to blog again on Monday to let you know how I did and if I am going to continue or not.

Sunny Southern California

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I am on vacation! San Diego is a great city. We have walked to the bay, ridden the ferry to Coronado and put up to our calves in the Bay. We have gone fishing, in the ocean! We (as the boatfull of 40 people) caught a total of 5 fish, 2 mackeral, 1 baby striped bass and 2 red stripers. We also had a flock of seabirds following along to the delight of a certain boy along for the trip. We stopped off and got sardines as bait fish and were treated to sea lions. 6 hours on a boat on the ocean was a blast. I just had to find my sea legs, for me Dorito’s were the cure. Once I downed a bag (I am selectivly not remembering the dramamine I took or the drops that were amazing), a hotdog called my name then I was all over that boat and having a blast. I am a bit windburned and sunburned but it was cool enough with the wind over the water that my face took the brunt. I will heal, as I always do, I have to do a shout out to my floppy sunhat. I feel like a total dork in it but it works, is comfy and cool and is the reason I only have a mild sunburn for me and am not blistered. Yay for floppy sun hats! We also got to ride the ferry across the bay to Coronado. Wandered into the ocean water and got sand in between my toes!