Sunny Southern California

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I am on vacation! San Diego is a great city. We have walked to the bay, ridden the ferry to Coronado and put up to our calves in the Bay. We have gone fishing, in the ocean! We (as the boatfull of 40 people) caught a total of 5 fish, 2 mackeral, 1 baby striped bass and 2 red stripers. We also had a flock of seabirds following along to the delight of a certain boy along for the trip. We stopped off and got sardines as bait fish and were treated to sea lions. 6 hours on a boat on the ocean was a blast. I just had to find my sea legs, for me Dorito’s were the cure. Once I downed a bag (I am selectivly not remembering the dramamine I took or the drops that were amazing), a hotdog called my name then I was all over that boat and having a blast. I am a bit windburned and sunburned but it was cool enough with the wind over the water that my face took the brunt. I will heal, as I always do, I have to do a shout out to my floppy sunhat. I feel like a total dork in it but it works, is comfy and cool and is the reason I only have a mild sunburn for me and am not blistered. Yay for floppy sun hats! We also got to ride the ferry across the bay to Coronado. Wandered into the ocean water and got sand in between my toes!


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