No t.v. trial.

      I have decided! To not watch any t.v. this week.  I have gone 3 days without turning the set on.  I have recorded my shows to watch this weekend but I have found other ways to occupy myself.  This came about as an offhand comment.  I was talking with my husband about our recent vacation and how we only really watched 1 show while we were out of town.  Reflecting on this, I calculated (very roughly) how much I could accomplish if I did not turn on the t.v.  Mind you, I am an avid Bones watcher and it just returned.  I also watch Castle, Being Human, Lost Girl, The Big Bang Theory, GCB and The Finder, with liberal doses of American Dad, Family Guy and Futurama sprinkled all over. As you can see by the extensive list, that’s a lot of time in front of the t.v.; and my house can attest I have been busy instead.
      I have grilled out, eaten dinner with my husband (and actually conversed with him during the meal), vacuumed, cleaned my carpets, done laundry and cleaned our room!  Yes laundry is a constant however I don’t wash the bathroom rugs or the chair cover or various throws on a weekly basis. I try to vacuum weekly but that doesn’t always happen. Oh and I’m blogging! Plus I went to yoga last night and visited with my Grandpa tonight.  I feel very accomplished. /nods. However, I did catch myself trying to figure out a way to get some t.v. in.  I could watch a 30 min show during my lunch break or maybe just one program during the week, that would be good enough right? NO! I will make it 5 full days without watching t.v. and see just how much I can accomplish.

Do you watch t.v.? How much? Is it worth it?

I will do my best to blog again on Monday to let you know how I did and if I am going to continue or not.


One thought on “No t.v. trial.

  1. Pyper1384 says:

    I made it to Thursday! Then I Bungi jumped off the proverbial wagon. I mentioned that I was an avid watcher of the t.v. show Bones, well it was on that Thursday and my loving husband remembered and offered to watch it with me. Poor guy had no idea what he started. I agreed to an hour of t.v., the newest episode of Bones. Then I compromised and was willing to watch 2 hours as he needed to watch last weeks episode as well. And it was all downhill from there! Needless to say, I am back to watching t.v. almost nightly. I am going to try again to lay off the t.v. here very soon, like next week. Wish me luck!

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