Projects for spring.

Does everybody spend the winter coming up with ideas for their yard? I do, then when it is still too cold to actually be working outside I go over my ideas and develop them into spring projects. So far in the past 8 years (about) of owning a yard I have managed to complete1. Last spring I got flowers, and pots to plant them in and even planted them! Some survived and are still partially green while others sadly didn’t make it past transplanting. Vines already established (ie in dirt) do very well around me. Things that I start (seeds, clippings and the like) have a more difficult time. With seeds I get so very impatient. I am still unsure if the carrot seeds I planted even took root. My celery was doing very well until my dog ran over it (well slid to a stop through the poor thing) and uprooted it. What I really want is a garden. One of those plots of dirt that have plants thriving in it and actually producing food stuffs for me to eat. I want herbs as well but fear that is beyond my abilities.
I also want to purchase some paving stones for the base of my stairway off my deck, (you can see the picture of the stairs on an earlier blog post about Handrails) since the lowest step is a bit steep for typical height people.
With the same type of paving stone I would like to build a level area for my chimenea and outside chairs in the middle of my back yard.
While I am at it I would also like a close line put up and some sort of roofing over the deck.

That is this years spring project list. Anybody want to donate materials? I can make the time to do it but I have not figured out how to make money appear. None of these things would take a lot of money just enough when my car is in the shop or the house needs something fixed. If anybody has any ideas of where to go for free stuff leave me a comment! I am going to go check as well as Wish me luck. 🙂


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