Saving money.

Times are tough, most people have said this recently or have heard somebody say this. I am not immune. So I have been looking for more ways to save money without giving up my ideals. I want to buy locally grown, organic foods. I want to make those fancy recipes I find everywhere with the fancy ingredients I’ve never heard of before. I want, I want, I want to be able to afford all that. Reality, however, is different. I have been watching the price of milk steadily rise (my husband and I both drink milk still), as well as the price of eggs. We are lucky enough to have a friend who had chickens and ducks and turkeys, unfortunalty a coyote or such ate most of the chickens.  So now I am back to buying eggs. 😦

At any rate I want to share this with anybody who might be interested:  There are links from there to articles on specific ways to save money.

Best of luck!


Garden Harvest pt. 1

Many people miss the connection that agriculture is not a native thing for us homo sapiens; let alone that our current way of life is relatively new. Farmers Markets celebrate the joy many people get from growing food and is a great social activity as well. If I was rich, I would never buy from the mega chain supermarket, unfortunately there are some things that I must buy. Well, most things really. At this point in time, everything. I am hoping my onions at least take off. I was doing really well with my celery but my over exuberant dog decided to try and bring in squirrel for dinner and slid through my poor celery. Ah well, I will buy another stalk and try again soon. I just read a really fun blog which prompted this one! So I shared. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Pretty Perfect

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Around February or so, Thomas started planting a small garden next to our house. A tree used to stand there, but it was taken out by “THE tree” (by that I mean the one that fell on our house way back when).

Here’s the garden when it first started, just a few boards and some dirt.

I won’t lie…this garden has NOTHING to do with me. I literally watered it once, so I want to make sure Thomas gets to take complete ownership and credit for the awesomeness:]

He just took this photo of the garden this morning, after we had harvested some of it’s veggies (which you’ll see below).

This morning, that blank space on the left was occupied by potatoes. Sadly, I got the idea for this post after Thomas had dug them all up, but all the same.

Here’s what he’s growing:



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Full moon!

It is going to be a full moon tomorrow, technically.

Full moon and clouds

So pretty.

I have always been connected very closely with the moons cycle and this go ’round it seems to be in full force! … (ack out of coffee, brb) … I probably do not need any more but as I have only had 8 oz today I am justifying another 8. But I digress, yesterday I got to enjoy a day at home (vs work) which turned slightly manic as restless only touches on the mood I was in. I did manage to complete a few tasks before I had to leave the house (I took the day off to join my husband on a work event of his) so had to be ready to jump in the car at 1:00. However my need to be productive has wavered today, I am still energetic but had some trouble get started this morning. I stayed up late last night watching movies… just those movies that come on t.v. that you watch whenever they are on but never pull the dvd out of your collection to watch them earlier than late at night. Anyways… So this morning I didn’t crawl out of bed until late, lounged around and ate cereal then decided that I had to get moving. I needed to do something otherwise I would be ‘useless’ all day. I broke out my yoga mat. Outside! It was great, my mind is alert and my body was very happy before I sat down at the computer… Now I just need to move away from the electronic devises and go wrap a present! I have it in a box already but I want pretty paper. A friend of ours is having a very small house warming party and we got some good stuff. I hope she will like it as much as we do.

Wow, need to focus… maybe I should just head out and get something physical accomplished. Anybody (that knows me, lives close and happens to even have one) have a tiller I can use? I really want to get my garden. I know it is just about too late to plant any veggies but I just read a blog that made me question my stance on G.M.Os.

I would love for somebody to genetically modify me so that I had working Beta cells that my body doesn’t attack (I am type one diabetic, google it if you are really curious – or shoot me a comment.) However apparently we share DNA with corn… yeah I am planning on researching that.
Just how much DNA do we share with this delicious food? I am interested to see what I can uncover on the almighty internet. Hopefully I will even be able to understand what I find to be creditable sources (vs rants against change…). That will have to be done later. Before I start English Comp II in the summer.

I am going back to college and am closer to a liberal arts degree than I thought. I started school going for a pharmaceutical rep’s career in mind. Math is not my forte, Chemistry really didn’t like me and I wasn’t ready to go to college. Now I am going for 2 reasons, 1)I will get a raise when I get a degree (small but every little bit helps today) and 2)I want to do SOMETHING. I really like history, except for the politics… I am hoping I can find a way to get around that. So my liberal arts associate will have a basis in history. I also like anthropology. I have to go to a university for that, there is only one that offers it close to my home. Ugh, baby steps, associates degree first. I have to take my sciences, a humanities (woo hoo) and then the gen eds are taken care of! How cool is that?!?!
Alright, I will stop rambling my life into blog form and actually go do something. Hehehe.