Garden Harvest pt. 1

Many people miss the connection that agriculture is not a native thing for us homo sapiens; let alone that our current way of life is relatively new. Farmers Markets celebrate the joy many people get from growing food and is a great social activity as well. If I was rich, I would never buy from the mega chain supermarket, unfortunately there are some things that I must buy. Well, most things really. At this point in time, everything. I am hoping my onions at least take off. I was doing really well with my celery but my over exuberant dog decided to try and bring in squirrel for dinner and slid through my poor celery. Ah well, I will buy another stalk and try again soon. I just read a really fun blog which prompted this one! So I shared. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Pretty Perfect

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Around February or so, Thomas started planting a small garden next to our house. A tree used to stand there, but it was taken out by “THE tree” (by that I mean the one that fell on our house way back when).

Here’s the garden when it first started, just a few boards and some dirt.

I won’t lie…this garden has NOTHING to do with me. I literally watered it once, so I want to make sure Thomas gets to take complete ownership and credit for the awesomeness:]

He just took this photo of the garden this morning, after we had harvested some of it’s veggies (which you’ll see below).

This morning, that blank space on the left was occupied by potatoes. Sadly, I got the idea for this post after Thomas had dug them all up, but all the same.

Here’s what he’s growing:



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3 thoughts on “Garden Harvest pt. 1

  1. Kinsey M says:

    Thanks so much for the reblog! I’ve enjoyed perusing your posts as well–your pets are adorable!

  2. Pyper1384 says:

    Here is another blog that lit the gardening/farmer’s market fire for me yesterday:

    I hope you all enjoy it as well. 🙂

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