Saving money.

Times are tough, most people have said this recently or have heard somebody say this. I am not immune. So I have been looking for more ways to save money without giving up my ideals. I want to buy locally grown, organic foods. I want to make those fancy recipes I find everywhere with the fancy ingredients I’ve never heard of before. I want, I want, I want to be able to afford all that. Reality, however, is different. I have been watching the price of milk steadily rise (my husband and I both drink milk still), as well as the price of eggs. We are lucky enough to have a friend who had chickens and ducks and turkeys, unfortunalty a coyote or such ate most of the chickens.  So now I am back to buying eggs. 😦

At any rate I want to share this with anybody who might be interested:  There are links from there to articles on specific ways to save money.

Best of luck!


One thought on “Saving money.

  1. Pyper1384 says:

    UPDATE: I am so proud of myself, I recently went grocery shopping at 2 stores (1 on the way back home after the first) and spent $43 for a months worth of staples (rice, ramen) and a weeks worth of meat/dairy. Unfortunatly I don’t believe I purchased from anybody locally. 😦 I priced out what I would have paid had I done my shopping at the usual store (you know, that store that you can choose from 10 varieties of everything) and I would have spent $80 easily; including coupons used at both options. Now to continue my path of fugality.

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