American Humanities

So I just got my book for American Humanities, the first Friday evening after class started on Tuesday. Completely my fault, I waited too long to order it on Amazon.  I am very thankful this is a 16 week course, I will not be hurting for starting the reading a few days late. Too much. 1 week in and I am more excited about this particular class than I was when I enrolled. Which is unusual for me. Typically I enroll and am stoked, then the work begins and I loose a portion of the initial excitement. In some classes I regain this, others I do not. I think I am enjoying this so much simply because it is new to me. Yes I learned about the Spanish explorers in school, no I was not interested in the class because it was… well it wasn’t mythology or focusing solely on culture and society. I remember thinking that “I was in band, that counted as my humanities requirement, what more did I need?” What nonsense! Now as I read through the first chapter, parts of it anyways, I can see how society and cultures themselves are illustrated (literally) in codecii, architecture and statues (just to name a few). I think age/maturity plays a role in this as well. I didn’t want to admit that. I am learning that different things (subjects like art [I can’t draw a straight line to save my life]) are fascinating in their own right and play key roles in culture and society, in the interactions between peoples and civilizations.

As part of the first unit I need to find a picture of the subject matter I chose. Well, just one (the most common at that) isn’t good enough for me. (I’m a glutton for punishment I know.) So I decide to look for at least 2, maybe 3 if I can find what I want. Which is 1) the item itself, 2) a stylized version (drawing or painting that brings to light, through the use of color, specific pieces of the item, and 3) a middle of the road image to connect the two. (Like I said: glutton.) To this end I found an art blog by Evan Thomas and an image he created for one of his art school classes that I want to use.

You can find his blog here:

He hasn’t posted since summer of 2011 so I’m hoping he hasn’t gotten too busy to blog and will at least check the new comment soon.  If not I will include a back up image instead. 😦

I know this post and the previous have included links to other blogs rather than focusing solely on myself or what I want to put out on the web, yet, I believe this is not a negative. Blogs are posted by people to be read and shared and the two most recent blogs have been exciting for me. Blogging as a venue of communication is becoming bigger and yet remains unknown and therefore not utilized by many. That all being said, I am going to hunt for my “back up” image.


The Simply Luxurious Life

The Simply Luxurious Life

I ran across a blog called “The Simply Luxurious Life” on Pinterest today and felt the need to share.  Many things listed are out of reach for me right now, but I aspire to them. It apears to be an uplifting look at being a woman, and being good with who you are. I hope you enjoy as well.