Good news!

So congratulations are in order, or will be soon. šŸ™‚ I am soon going to be a secretary, full time! Alright, most of you will not understand why this is such a great thing. Most people don’t enjoy office supplies or data entry or the hundreds of intricacies involved with and included in being a secretary. I do. When kids are little they play like they are teacher or mother or police chief or fireman. I played at being a secretary and have finally achieved that dream. It doesn’t pay the best and I can be forgotten in the background of an organization but I don’t do a good job for recognition, or at least I try not to, I do my best because it is what I deserve and demand of myself. I strive to be the oil of the machine that keeps the cogs turning so others can accomplish their goals. In a way it’s like the difference between an actress and the camera man. The actress is the face but without the camera she would be invisible. Reading this I wonder if my ego is big enough, IĀ  hope that I don’t convey my position incorrectly but I am excited and can recognize the importance of my role. Granted, writing a blog is a bit egocentric in itself, especially a blog not dedicated to some purpose or other. Moving on…I will spend one week playing receptionist part time while playing secretary the other. This is not easy. I am moving from one area of a company to another and in an effort to make the transition smoother and easier I am doing both, partially. I have the challenge of completing my previous tasks as unerringly as ever while attempting to learn a different way of doing things. I don’t wish to appear as though I am complaining but this, again, is not easy. Especially since I am geared up to move onto the new, looking to the future and ready to leave the past, in the past.Ā  Ah well, I only have one week to transition then it’s time to jump in with both feet. In a way being partially there makes it easier as I have time to integrate new procedures/daily tasks slowly then have the opportunity to get hectic. Wrapping up I wanted to share this with my few readers so you can rejoice with me.And we can both look forward to more frequent posts! At least that is the plan. So congratulations to me and to you in all of your most recent accomplishments. šŸ™‚