NaBloPoMo #2

It is a beautiful day for the first of November in the center of America! This, is perfect football weather. I am not normally a huge sports fan, but days like today are meant to be spent outdoor with friends and family grilling, watching a great game and/or just being outside. Apparently eveybody else in the area agrees with me. I live directly (2 streets into the neighborhood) behind a shopping center and have learned over the course of the day that if I want to get anywhere, not in the shopping center, to go the long way and avoid stores at all costs. Now that I have learned this vital lesson once again, I want to go shopping. I don’t need anything so I am trying to distract myself. Hence this rambly blog post. And getting hubby’s car washed, inside and out. Once the bottoms of my jeans dry I am off to attend to my car as well. Anywhoo, this is a classic fall day and I thought I could celebrate that and blog! Seeing as I am aiming to blog every other day and had no inspiration, this is what you are getting.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus


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