Learning… not just a complaint blog.

So I started back to college in the summer semester. I chose a completely online course that would last only 8 weeks (1/2 the length of a traditional semester) and a course that requires a lot of reading and writing. I chose to dive into the deep end with English Comp II. It was not easy, but I had a great support group and an amazing teacher. It was tough, I had reading and discussions and an essay ( a real ~250 words at the bare minimum essay) due each week. That class, which I got an A in, boosted my self confidence and renewed my goal of enjoying my education, not just aiming for a piece of paper. Fall semester, time to do it all again. I chose American Humanities. Yes, I am taking 1 class at a time, working 40 hrs/week and pushing myself to maintain a home in the manner of a stay at home (not a mom yet) wife. This time I have a professor who doesn’t seem to have an online presence, does not seem to actually read my assignments or any of the discussion posts and is hard to connect with. In the intro activities, this was not an issue, everything was graded quickly and comments appeared in response to the discussion post. In fact a great conversation took place, out of which I found a new t.v. series to watch: Hell on Wheels on ABC which is about a man after the civil war, his quest for revenge and the building of the railroads. Great series if you like historical fiction and that particular time period. But, I digress.

I have recently made the decision to make my humanities class be what I determine it needs to be. In other words, I am going to post discussion posts worthy of my time and effort, and am going to push myself to be the student that I want the professor to be requiring. This class is for my benefit and if the professor is too busy or unwilling or incapable or whatever the case may be, then I will hold myself accountable. No more slacking off! Struggling to accept my roll as teacher rather than simply student I looked for blogs on the subject of learning. I found Ele’mentor a educator’s blog about mentoring new teachers here: http://sylviaellison.edublogs.org/2011/02/15/goal-3-learning-defined/. Long story short, I will follow the pyramid and become the teacher myself. I have written one discussion post since coming to this decision and it would appear to be beneficial. 🙂


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