For those of you who reside in the US: GO VOTE!!!!!

Happy Election Day all! I know I started this whole experience out saying that I was not planning on getting political or religious or… whatever. It’s all fair game. Apparently if something is important enough, I will blog about it.

Today is election day and there are all kinds of issues on the docket. From the presidential election to our local county sherrif to state questions and back. Working for the amazing institution that I do, I was lucky enough to get to take time during the busy work day and do my democratic duty. And so should you! This years decision was not easy for me, they are never light things to just wing but I have been paying attention. I don’t just trust the media though, there are too many opinions. CNN is very good at remaining neutral and their ratings reflect that. As boring as it was, I made an effort to pull up the questions being voted on and the platforms, or stances, of the candidates and actually read them. I was very glad I did becauseĀ this morning I felt confident about my choices.

The polling places are open from 7 am to 7 pm so if you have an opinion and can vote, please do. If you are registered and do not know where you are supposed to go to vote you can look it up by entering your zip code in the “polling place locator.” Google “polling place locator + your home state” or just go to your states government website (example: www.{StateAbbreviation}.gov) and search there. If you choose not to vote, remember that you let others make the choice so you really don’t have room to complain about the decision made. Just sayin’.


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