Ever had a day…

I have lots of days. Some are great, some are not so great. Today has been a good day but…I don’t feel as though I’ve gotten enough accomplished. I still have time, roughly 30 minutes left at work and what am I doing? Blogging. Yup, and feeling guilty about it. So why am I still blogging? Because I am not getting anything else accomplished today anyways.

This will be my backyard shortly, it was this morning!

I am blaming this on “hybernator’s fever” which is simply the opposite of cabin fever! Yesterday a cold front rolled through and it rained and today it has been very cold. To sum it up, Winter came. Now is the time for hot tea/cocoa if I can get away with it (I am diabetic and that does count as food sadly) and for slippers and on and on.

Tomorrow will be better. I will be a better employee, I will achieve more and I will even finish the day with a sense of accomplishment. So tonight I toast to tomorrow. (Talk about a procrastinator!) lol and look forward to my book and a throw. 


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