Beautiful. This is simple and true, pressed by another blogger but it bears repeating!


Brr. :)

I am still singing Christmas songs, namely: “Baby it’s cold outside.” Hopefully, you had a wonderful holiday time, and if you have more left (like I do) keep your chin up and remember it is nice to spend time with family and friends. I got a white Christmas this year and for the first time ever, I am wishing it would have stayed clear. I am getting over that. The reason for this abnormal behavior is a particular gift. I received a telescope!

Yup, this one!

It’s huge and has an amazing tripod stand and multiple eyepieces and filters and even a motorized mount accessory to adjust the telescope to follow a celestial body through the night sky! So far, there are two things I have found that I deem are necessary for this particular awesomeness. A solar filter (so I can view the sun and watch sun spots move across the surface of the sun!) and a storage/carrying bag. That’s it, well and crystal clear night skies. I checked the forecast shortly after unwrapping to find that tonight should be partly cloudy and tomorrow clear. Yes! 

I took the time to study the owners manual yesterday and my husband put it all together for me. He even attached the motor part. Now I just have to calibrate it and start enjoying the night sky, up close! Well, I have computer software to download as well and I want to find a great astronomy app as well. Enjoy yourself, stay warm if its cold where you are or vice versa!


Yes I only took one class per semester, I only feel a little under achieving for it. Some people can go out there and  take a full schedule of classes while working 40+ hours a week and raising a family. I am not one of those people. I took a class this past summer, I got a good grade(A in English Comp II). I just finished another class, I got another good grade(see below). I am enrolled for another class for the spring semester(Mythology) and I will get a good grade. /nods

So I got an A! I took American Humanities and as some of you may have gathered from previous posts the professor was not well organized. At all. She was also not very online course savvy. At all. <moving on> I had a research paper to turn in, in place of taking a final. I received a score of 95/100. 🙂 For the class as a whole I received a 96.66%! Should I round? Nah, I am happy. The biggest reduction was my grade for the mid-term which happened to be a not so stellar rough draft of my final research paper. Well, really it was a rough compilation of what turned into 1-2 paragraph(s) in a 15 page paper. If I am completely honest though, the final I turned in was like the 3rd revision. I don’t think I actually proofread the thing in it’s entirety once. That’s how I write though, I go through and gather all my information, then type until my eyes cross. Revise a few times and turn it in. I understand just how amazingly lucky I am.

So now I can completely focus on the season! 🙂 Which is good because today marks 1 week until the big “C” day. And all of the hectic running from one family gathering to another. While it is good to be involved and want to be at all the family gatherings, I really need to learn how to say no, to at least some of them! As it stands, I have 4 to attend, 1 on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. When am I going to do something with my husband, just us? Good question. Maybe after…in place of New Years?


Schools out for … winter break anyway! I turned in my research paper which counts as my final this go round. I am not doing so well at switching gears though. Hmmm. I could not wait for this time but now that class is over I keep checking (it’s online) to see if there are any assignments I missed or anything else I could turn in or proof one more time. I refuse to allow myself to open my research paper back up though. There is such a thing as over-editing.

Well, time to focus on family and life. I have a tendency to schedule too much stuff into my holiday time and end up stressing myself out. Fortunately I work at a college so I get tons of time off from work to do this. I have a friend coming to visit family this year and we (and our spouses) are going to go see a movie and have dinner. Then the following night my husband and I are going to a F*** the Mayans party on the 21st and then Christmas Eve and then Christmas and then a birthday then New Years then back to work! Ah!!! Why do I do this?!?! Not to mention wrapping and purchasing those last few gifts before Christmas.

I will be fine, I will make time to bake something, if not to make (sew) anything. I hope this time of year doesn’t get too busy for you. Enjoy it!


Well, Holiday Season anyways. I went shopping yesterday. Ugh, I am worn out. I like shopping and finding treasures for my family, and I like the reminder to be thankful that I have the ability to treat them (without putting myself in a financial mess). However, the push to find exactly what I am looking for and make sure the nieces and nephews are even is tough. Not to mention the exhaustion of shopping all day after not doing that all year! In years past I have spent a little at a time and shopped roughly September through December. This year I waited for the Christmas bonus, which doesn’t appear until after Thanksgiving. I still have some things to pick up, stockings to fill for hubby and me (and maybe the animals). Plus wrapping everything and baking for the office. Nevermind that I am finishing up a class. I am not meaning to complain, I just realized that I am a bit overwhelmed this year. I will have to see what I can change next year without going crazy for Christmas in July. 

Good news though, I found this years ornament! I tried finding a traditional bell each year and finally switched to snowflakes as bells tended to be of the jingle variety and difficult or expensive to find. I am going to try to find bells for the big years, I have one for our first Christmas and one for our 5 year anniversary. So that leaves 10 year, 25 year and 50 and 75 to look forward to finding. Now I just need to convince myself that it will be worth it to me, to put our tree up and decorate it. 

I hope your pre-festivity activity is more exciting and jolly than mine has been so far. 

There is another thing to look forward to this year. My husband’s work’s Christmas party is a masquerade this year. How cool is that!?! We mostly have our outfits put together already. Basic clothes (no costume, that would be going a bit overboard as the company is not quite as Halloween-centric as we are) masks, top hat for him and I just need to decide what shoes I am going to wear. Luckily the weather is going to be nice, if a little cool. 🙂 I may post pictures later. If I get any taken! lol