Schools out for … winter break anyway! I turned in my research paper which counts as my final this go round. I am not doing so well at switching gears though. Hmmm. I could not wait for this time but now that class is over I keep checking (it’s online) to see if there are any assignments I missed or anything else I could turn in or proof one more time. I refuse to allow myself to open my research paper back up though. There is such a thing as over-editing.

Well, time to focus on family and life. I have a tendency to schedule too much stuff into my holiday time and end up stressing myself out. Fortunately I work at a college so I get tons of time off from work to do this. I have a friend coming to visit family this year and we (and our spouses) are going to go see a movie and have dinner. Then the following night my husband and I are going to a F*** the Mayans party on the 21st and then Christmas Eve and then Christmas and then a birthday then New Years then back to work! Ah!!! Why do I do this?!?! Not to mention wrapping and purchasing those last few gifts before Christmas.

I will be fine, I will make time to bake something, if not to make (sew) anything. I hope this time of year doesn’t get too busy for you. Enjoy it!


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