Brr. :)

I am still singing Christmas songs, namely: “Baby it’s cold outside.” Hopefully, you had a wonderful holiday time, and if you have more left (like I do) keep your chin up and remember it is nice to spend time with family and friends. I got a white Christmas this year and for the first time ever, I am wishing it would have stayed clear. I am getting over that. The reason for this abnormal behavior is a particular gift. I received a telescope!

Yup, this one!

It’s huge and has an amazing tripod stand and multiple eyepieces and filters and even a motorized mount accessory to adjust the telescope to follow a celestial body through the night sky! So far, there are two things I have found that I deem are necessary for this particular awesomeness. A solar filter (so I can view the sun and watch sun spots move across the surface of the sun!) and a storage/carrying bag. That’s it, well and crystal clear night skies. I checked the forecast shortly after unwrapping to find that tonight should be partly cloudy and tomorrow clear. Yes! 

I took the time to study the owners manual yesterday and my husband put it all together for me. He even attached the motor part. Now I just have to calibrate it and start enjoying the night sky, up close! Well, I have computer software to download as well and I want to find a great astronomy app as well. Enjoy yourself, stay warm if its cold where you are or vice versa!


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