Ever had a day…

I have lots of days. Some are great, some are not so great. Today has been a good day but…I don’t feel as though I’ve gotten enough accomplished. I still have time, roughly 30 minutes left at work and what am I doing? Blogging. Yup, and feeling guilty about it. So why am I still blogging? Because I am not getting anything else accomplished today anyways.

This will be my backyard shortly, it was this morning!

I am blaming this on “hybernator’s fever” which is simply the opposite of cabin fever! Yesterday a cold front rolled through and it rained and today it has been very cold. To sum it up, Winter came. Now is the time for hot tea/cocoa if I can get away with it (I am diabetic and that does count as food sadly) and for slippers and on and on.

Tomorrow will be better. I will be a better employee, I will achieve more and I will even finish the day with a sense of accomplishment. So tonight I toast to tomorrow. (Talk about a procrastinator!) lol and look forward to my book and a throw. 


For those of you who reside in the US: GO VOTE!!!!!

Happy Election Day all! I know I started this whole experience out saying that I was not planning on getting political or religious or… whatever. It’s all fair game. Apparently if something is important enough, I will blog about it.

Today is election day and there are all kinds of issues on the docket. From the presidential election to our local county sherrif to state questions and back. Working for the amazing institution that I do, I was lucky enough to get to take time during the busy work day and do my democratic duty. And so should you! This years decision was not easy for me, they are never light things to just wing but I have been paying attention. I don’t just trust the media though, there are too many opinions. CNN is very good at remaining neutral and their ratings reflect that. As boring as it was, I made an effort to pull up the questions being voted on and the platforms, or stances, of the candidates and actually read them. I was very glad I did because this morning I felt confident about my choices.

The polling places are open from 7 am to 7 pm so if you have an opinion and can vote, please do. If you are registered and do not know where you are supposed to go to vote you can look it up by entering your zip code in the “polling place locator.” Google “polling place locator + your home state” or just go to your states government website (example: www.{StateAbbreviation}.gov) and search there. If you choose not to vote, remember that you let others make the choice so you really don’t have room to complain about the decision made. Just sayin’.

Learning… not just a complaint blog.

So I started back to college in the summer semester. I chose a completely online course that would last only 8 weeks (1/2 the length of a traditional semester) and a course that requires a lot of reading and writing. I chose to dive into the deep end with English Comp II. It was not easy, but I had a great support group and an amazing teacher. It was tough, I had reading and discussions and an essay ( a real ~250 words at the bare minimum essay) due each week. That class, which I got an A in, boosted my self confidence and renewed my goal of enjoying my education, not just aiming for a piece of paper. Fall semester, time to do it all again. I chose American Humanities. Yes, I am taking 1 class at a time, working 40 hrs/week and pushing myself to maintain a home in the manner of a stay at home (not a mom yet) wife. This time I have a professor who doesn’t seem to have an online presence, does not seem to actually read my assignments or any of the discussion posts and is hard to connect with. In the intro activities, this was not an issue, everything was graded quickly and comments appeared in response to the discussion post. In fact a great conversation took place, out of which I found a new t.v. series to watch: Hell on Wheels on ABC which is about a man after the civil war, his quest for revenge and the building of the railroads. Great series if you like historical fiction and that particular time period. But, I digress.

I have recently made the decision to make my humanities class be what I determine it needs to be. In other words, I am going to post discussion posts worthy of my time and effort, and am going to push myself to be the student that I want the professor to be requiring. This class is for my benefit and if the professor is too busy or unwilling or incapable or whatever the case may be, then I will hold myself accountable. No more slacking off! Struggling to accept my roll as teacher rather than simply student I looked for blogs on the subject of learning. I found Ele’mentor a educator’s blog about mentoring new teachers here: http://sylviaellison.edublogs.org/2011/02/15/goal-3-learning-defined/. Long story short, I will follow the pyramid and become the teacher myself. I have written one discussion post since coming to this decision and it would appear to be beneficial. 🙂

NaBloPoMo #2

It is a beautiful day for the first of November in the center of America! This, is perfect football weather. I am not normally a huge sports fan, but days like today are meant to be spent outdoor with friends and family grilling, watching a great game and/or just being outside. Apparently eveybody else in the area agrees with me. I live directly (2 streets into the neighborhood) behind a shopping center and have learned over the course of the day that if I want to get anywhere, not in the shopping center, to go the long way and avoid stores at all costs. Now that I have learned this vital lesson once again, I want to go shopping. I don’t need anything so I am trying to distract myself. Hence this rambly blog post. And getting hubby’s car washed, inside and out. Once the bottoms of my jeans dry I am off to attend to my car as well. Anywhoo, this is a classic fall day and I thought I could celebrate that and blog! Seeing as I am aiming to blog every other day and had no inspiration, this is what you are getting.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus


National Blog Posting Month! This month is a month dedicated to blogging for the joy of blogging. To post just for the fun of it! We will just have to see how well this works for me. I am aiming for every other day, I figure that will be more regular than I have ever posted on here. So as for thinking positive: you will here from me by Saturday!

Good news!

So congratulations are in order, or will be soon. 🙂 I am soon going to be a secretary, full time! Alright, most of you will not understand why this is such a great thing. Most people don’t enjoy office supplies or data entry or the hundreds of intricacies involved with and included in being a secretary. I do. When kids are little they play like they are teacher or mother or police chief or fireman. I played at being a secretary and have finally achieved that dream. It doesn’t pay the best and I can be forgotten in the background of an organization but I don’t do a good job for recognition, or at least I try not to, I do my best because it is what I deserve and demand of myself. I strive to be the oil of the machine that keeps the cogs turning so others can accomplish their goals. In a way it’s like the difference between an actress and the camera man. The actress is the face but without the camera she would be invisible. Reading this I wonder if my ego is big enough, I  hope that I don’t convey my position incorrectly but I am excited and can recognize the importance of my role. Granted, writing a blog is a bit egocentric in itself, especially a blog not dedicated to some purpose or other. Moving on…I will spend one week playing receptionist part time while playing secretary the other. This is not easy. I am moving from one area of a company to another and in an effort to make the transition smoother and easier I am doing both, partially. I have the challenge of completing my previous tasks as unerringly as ever while attempting to learn a different way of doing things. I don’t wish to appear as though I am complaining but this, again, is not easy. Especially since I am geared up to move onto the new, looking to the future and ready to leave the past, in the past.  Ah well, I only have one week to transition then it’s time to jump in with both feet. In a way being partially there makes it easier as I have time to integrate new procedures/daily tasks slowly then have the opportunity to get hectic. Wrapping up I wanted to share this with my few readers so you can rejoice with me.And we can both look forward to more frequent posts! At least that is the plan. So congratulations to me and to you in all of your most recent accomplishments. 🙂


As I have mentioned before I am an avid watcher of the T.V. show Bones, in this latest episode a form of communication through flowers was highlighted.  At least it was to me. It has been included in the show, briefly, before and sparked a little interest in me. I know from research into wedding practices, which I did before my own wedding, that in the victorian era tons of information could be gleaned from the flower a gentleman presented a lady with. I have now been married for 7 years and don’t remember the specifics, plus all my research was wedding focused.  This information is all over the place on the web so check it out if you are so inclined. Every list varies and there are modern as well as ‘original’ meanings.  To complicate this language of flowers even more, the color of the individual flower can change the meaning as well. For instance: a red rose can mean sincere Love, Respect, Courage & Passion while a yellow rose can mean joy, gladness, friendship and “I Care”, and a redtipped yellow rose can mean friendship, falling in Love; according to http://www.shabbir.com/romance/rosemean.html.