New TED Book asks: can changing how we teach make our kids smarter, more creative?

This is a very interesting blog. I like the theory and (working at a college) can see where the application of this learning method would be tremendously beneficial for college students. Let alone anyone who is not in school. Even children who are home-schooled have a varying set of criteria to follow. They (home-schooled children) are expected to be on par with other children in their age range. Lets all start thinking about the BEST way to teach people rather than the Easiest/Typical ways.

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Ten years ago, educator Sugata Mitra and his colleagues cracked open a hole in a wall bordering an urban slum in New Delhi, installed a networked PC, and left it there for the local children to freely explore. What they quickly saw in their ‘Hole in the Wall’ experiment was that kids from one of the most desperately poor areas of the world could, without instruction, quickly learn how the PC operated. The children also freely collaborated, exploring the world of high-tech online connectivity with ease. The experiment (which provided the inspiration for the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire) was the dawning of Mitra’s introduction to self-organized learning, and it would shape the next decade of his research. Beyond the Hole in the Wall: Discover the Power of Self-Organized Learning is an important update to Mitra’s groundbreaking work, and offers new research and ideas that show how self-directed learning can…

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I am not a politically active person, however there are a few bills in the House and Senate that desperatly need attention. I personally have not read the bills, yet. I have researched what I can and will refrence a website that I believe did the subject matter justice. Please, please check this out. The bill in Congress is acronymed SOPA and in the House is PIPA.

Essentially, these have to do with internet piracy, the music industry/hollywood and Freedom of Speech. It would effect every person who utilizes the internet, for shopping, research or leisure. For social networking, data backup or even sharing your pictures.

I suggest a search engine for these bills. They are posted and available for the public to read – fair warning though, I printed a copy out and have been highlighting and annotating all over it – just to understand it as best I can. I have not completed the project.         SOPA is a front page issue here, utilize this amazing tool. This is the article that really made me choose to post about this rather than just researching for myself and contacting my representatives. The comments are, for the most part, educated and active.  Nobody starts name calling or cussing at the internet. It appears to be a group of people here are concerned and know how to do something about it.

Find and write to your Senator here:

Find and write to your Congressperson here:

Call your senators and congressmen now! (202) 224-3121

Another of my favorite winter activities.

I made yummy deliciousness in the uncomplicated form of chocolate chip cookies.  I only had a half bag of chocolate chips but I had everything else, so I cut the entire recipe in half to match.  It seems that I made my cookies smaller than average so I still have 2 dozen!

I have been diabetic for almost 15 years so I have learned how to bake using Splenda.  *Tip: Splenda is sweeter so you won’t need as much.  Also it does not goo like sugar does so even though I use mostly splenda, I add some sugar for a more traditional consistency.*

Hope you enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed the baking!