Needless to say posting every other day this month has not happened. Life happened. And school. And I should be schooling as we speak. I have a research paper to write as my final but I have been procrastinating. I received feedback about it all finally but now I want to go a different direction. From some of the comments I am sure this will be fine I just need to get on with it and write. My annotated bibliography is due by the end of this week and since I want to essentially scrap what I have I need to get off the procrastination wagon. /sigh
In other news… um yeah, I’m focused on that darn research paper. I suppose I just need to stop worrying myself about it and write. Just do it.
If you procrastinate like I do, have you ever figured out why you do? I haven’t. I have been trying to find my reasoning and just keep coming up with excuses. Change my ways, that would be the answer, maybe soon! lol /shakes head